Chapter 2

                                                              For the past week and a half the class had been trying to study marine biology. The reason I said trying is because Mr. O was always interrupting the lesson with stories about how kind and curtiouse he was when he spilled coffee on his neighbors couch, or the time his cousin took a dump off the top of an apartment building.
                                                   Any way... they were going to have a field trip to the beach.
                                                    "Lets see..." murmured Mr. O. "Well class, it seems we have a whole fifteen minutes before we have to meet the busses!" The class groaned. "Isn't that wonderfull! We'll have plenty of time to test..." the class groaned harder, " all for phsycic powers!"
                                                    "I bought this kit that has lots of cards and dice and things. Please excuse me while I go to the bathroom." We looked at the stuff. One person would hold up a card with either a plus, hart, star, or squiggles on it, and tried to think the symbol to the other kids.
                                                    We decided we'd pretend Will was phsycic and we'd sign to him what card it is, and noone else would get it right. Mr. O came back and said for us all to think of a tree. Then we had to describe it. My description was best so I held up cards and thought to people.
                                                     The first card was a hart. I swung my legs, and Will wrote down hart while the other kids wrote other things. Next was a plus sign. I sniffed and scrached and sighed and swung my legs, and Will got them all right while everyone else got it all wrong.
                                                     When Mr. O asked everyone to turn in their papers, he stood dumfounded as he looked at Will's. "I have a phsycic student in my class! Oh my!" he exclaimed. "I feel so happy I could dance! Come class, let's mombo!"
                                                     He went to the closet and brought out a large boombox. "Class, if you would please focus your attention ofer here," he said "I will teach you how to Mombo Mr. O style!"
                                                        He showed us how you keep your arms to your sides and feet close together while he stepped around clicking his feet. In his style you never take any limbs far from your body, for in my life I have never seen him do so.
                                                        Someone suddenly cried out "Mr O, It's almost time to go home."
                                                           He momboed to the clock and said "Oh I'm so terribly sorry, but atleast we have time to eat, although its past lunchtime." and for the first time in along time, they ate lunch in school.