Chapter 1

                                                              "Noooooooo!" yelled Toto when she opened the envelope. "Shut up!" Said her older brother Bob from the other room. "what is it?" asked her mother as she walked in. "I have Mr. O!" Toto sobbed. "Oh!" said her mother cheerfully. "Bob had him."
                                                   "Mr. O was cool." said Bob, not taking his eyes off the computer. "We didn't learn alot." Well I don't want to be stupid like you!" remarked Toto. Toto had heard weird stories about Mr. O. Bob had once told her that Mr. O had bought 27 frogs to disect, but they never got around to disecting them.
                                                    "The next day when I looked into the mini-fridge they were gone! I think he ate them." finished Bob.Toto wasn't scared. Bob often told her stupid stories that weren't true.
                                                    On the first day of school Toto stood infront of room L-82 of Dogwood elementary. A semi-large crowd had gathered infront of L-82. All the other classes were full of students and the teachers were learning their names. Mr. O had never showed up.
                                                    Someone spotted the principal walking down the hallway with a man who was presumably Mr. O. When they got closer the kids could hear Mr. O saying "I was so sure that school was starting tommorow." He had a half english accent.
                                                     The principal was blotting a large orange splat on her shirt. "Oh, I'm so terribly sorry about that stain. Take it to the dry cleaners and send the bill to me!" He exclaimed.
                                                     When he and the students had finnaly gotten into the classroom, he sat himself on a tall black stool. It was so tall he was practically standing. He had one toe on the ground; his legs crossed and his hands folded neatly in his lap. "Now class." he said. "If you would kindly focus your attention on me, we can begin class." Everyone was already staring at him, so he really didn't need to say that.
                                                     "Remember to always be kind and curtious! Some people can be so rude. One day I went to a party at my neighbor's house. I sat down on his new pearly white couch. My neighbor offered me some coffee, and I said 'Yes please, if you would be so kind.' He gave me some, and I said 'Why thank you dear neighbor." I sipped some, when suddenly it tipped itself over and spilt all over the couch."
                                                        "He got so mad all the other guests went into the other room to avoid being hit by stray airborn objects. He glared at me and said some words I sha'n't repeat right now for this is a childrens' class. I said to him 'simply take it to the dry cleaners and send the bill to me!' Then I made my dramatic exit and left."
                                                        Almost all the class was asleep, and those who weren't were half asleep. "Oh my!" Mr. O exclaimed. "I'm so terribly sorry, but I do beleive we have missed lunch and recess. But instead, we can see if any of us are phsycic! Oh, I do beleive that was the bell! Goodbye! See you tommorow!"
                                                           Toto's friend told her "I can't wait until tommorow when we
see if any of us are phsycic."