Weird things to do when you're bored!


Fish Poetry

The original Idea for our fish poetry was to float a typewriter in the water and connect fishing lines to all the keys. Fish would bite out gobbledygook which would be rearranged into sentences. Here is an easier version.

First Type some Gobbledygookish-stuff.

ugfy lszf zsiytsr rh sy jtr sduter st xt er d rty ehtje tdpe tao tnc did foe tsp.

Then spell check it.

ugly lszf zsiytsr rah sigh jar shutter St. xt er d try ethane tape tao tic did foe tsp.

Take out all left over gobbledygook

 ugly  rah sigh jar shutter St. try ethane tape tao tick did foe tsp.

Rearrange the words to make sense and add some.

The ugly St. Rah sighed as he saw the shutter try to tape a jar with a tsp. in it to a foe with a tick that was reading the tao.

If you don't know the meaning to a word and it isn't in the dictionary make up a meaning.

For fun you can see what other people make out of the same gobbledygook and compare.

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 Make your own pen cap

This one is almost too easy.
Take the cap off a pen. You can put your design on a cap, or if you lost it make a new cap.
Start with a strip of paper.
Make it about a half an inch longer than your old cap.
Decorate it with whatever.
                                !                                                                                !
              ____          !              PAPER- doodle below half inch                     !
            !        !        !                                                                                 !
            !  old  !        !    ~*~ *~ * ~* ~* ~*~ *~ * ~*~ * ~*~* ~*~ * ~*~     !
            !        !        !                                                                                  !
            ! cap  !        !      8)     8)      8)        8)         8)        8)        8)           !
            !        !       !                                                                                    !
            !____!        !_______________________________________________!

Wrap around cap or the pen point and tape.

Twist the top and tape. Taa-Daa!

Mutated Hands
a doodle to make in boring classes
I think this one is really fun.
For this one you trace your hands, but move them around so you can add fingers or make them longer.
Here's an example- The 6 fingered hand.
 First trace the first four fingers of your left hand, starting at the pinkie. Then move your hand so you trace your index finger again and trace the thumb to get a 6 fingered hand.
You can add even more fingers, or delete fingers for a 4 fingered hand.
For a 4 fingered hand I recommend tracing the pinkie and skipping the ring finger to go to the middle finger.
You can also make super long or short fingers.
If you trace each finger only up to the knuckle you can slide your hand down and trace the tip of your fingers for a short fingered hand, or trace almost to the tip and slide your hand up and trace again for super long fingers.
Try your own Ideas, like fingers that connect or that branch out.

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