My Dream Journal

                                                               Today I dreamed I had a free period in school so I decided to go to The Secret Tunnel. The Secret Tunnel was a tunnel I had in the same dream a while ago. So to get there I first went into the vent in the wall to get to a secret bathroom that was like a maze and then I went down a nice ballroom type staircase and there were three ways to go. On the left there was a long passage way I really should have explored, and on the right there was an elevator I really should have gone up to see what there was, but I went down the middle way.

                                                                It was short and had a door at the end. I went through the door and there were five more, two on each side and one at the end. They were all labled with a thing like "Stand" or "Sit" or "Walk" or "Slide," but I went through the one that said "Crawl," since you need to crawl through the tunnel. It had a sliding door and I went in the room. It was about the size of an elevator and had nothing in it exept a leather flap on the floor. I lifted the flap and went down into a huge auditorium with red velvet seats. I could Just slide down them, they were so soft, so I did a bellyflop onto them and glided down until I flew up and bounced really high off one seat and jumped effortlessly off the next and flew up to a big lip-shaped hole near the top of the wall and went in.
                                                            That was the real tunnel. It was brightly lit and all different colors. It had soft cushiony sides and floor and ceiling, and was so small you had to crawl on your belly. It had dips and hills and coushiony blocks and donuts you could bounce over, because you didn't really crawl through it, you bounced along.The tunnel came out into the local dairy and the dream ended.

Today I am a Duck.

                                                           Today I dreamed I was some kind of troll or something. I was going to get married to some other troll, and he wanted me to get us a marraige dinner. He wanted to eat one of my cockatiels. I went over to the cage and took out bweep (there was three other cockatiels instead of one other). I decided to get her to catch a mole for us to eat instead like the last time we got married (a flashback of the last time she caught a mole goes through my head). She walks around on the floor, but doesn't find a mole. Then the dream ended.


                                                               Today I dreamed that my friend made up a ballet and I was in it. The freaky thing was that when I woke up, I still remembered the music and all the steps!

                                                                        I had a dream that I stole some of my teachers bubble gum. I was sentenced to a life of  bubble gum chewing, but I didn't have to be in jail or anything. Then I found out the catch...  I wasn't alowed to blow bubbles! Then one day I did, and for the rest of my life I had to blow bubbles, but not chew! When I chewed it I had to only chew, I blew a bubble and could only blow bubbles... It was just like normally chewing gum. Then I decided to spit out my gum and the dream ended.