Our new holidays
We have a whole lot of new holidays that we made just for the heck of it.
This holiday is the first saturday in march.
You make up a menu of foods you like, and some games. There is preferably no utesils, unless you use a straw to drink soup or a spoon to eat crackers.
Here is an example:
Orderves: popcorn with three sticks of butter.
Dinner: pizza with the cheese pulled off, mashed potatoes, asorted veggies, spaghetti.
Dessert: chippless coockies, pumpkin pie.
Games: Potatoe sculpture contest (Utensils allowed as tools) Spaghetti toss (two teams cooking spaghetti, first one done enough to stick to the wall when tossed wins.)
Doodle day is on presidents day.
You need to have with you:
Crayon (color of your choice)
Walk around and every few minutes tape a peice of paper to the wall and doodle!
April 14
Simply make sure nothing you wear matches.