Fish poetry!!!!!
If a septuplet on a diet digged up a 289 watt light bulb in a duffel bag with a simetrical smudge I truly would make a false ooh .
A kids duty at the Roselet  is to dig up a set of coughing vodka.
If you and jack hula with buddha and a rat,
skid, kid.
Dye an ugly (blah) bird that honks blue.
Hula with Luey's bib and grrr.
 Buffy is lush and ill.
 Sift stuff like dirt on fat Judge Jelly.
June is an imbiscle, ringing away at lids, saying oink, swan! Bring your ear with a tic tac to the cement lawn.
 A kid's life is a darn fuseball rug with a cave roof and a carpool going 85 miles per hour like a fire-hose (duh).