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Here is my column, or columns. One where I give unhappy people advice, and one where I can tell you about happy experiences.

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          Todays topic - My science teacher Mr. Kobler. He can brighten up any day for me. He is sort of old with gray and white hair. I'll probably be writing about him again, he's weird. He talks in third person. Today we had tacos in school for lunch, and I have science right after lunch.  

           Mr Kobler caught a kid eating chips in class and says "It's all right, Mr. Kobler didn't finish his chips either." Then he held up his chips which were the same kind as the kid's, and says "But Mr. Kobler finished his tacos. Mr. Kobler loves tacos." Then he said in a low rumbly voice "Mmmmm. Tacos." while rubbing his belly.  

           It's funnier if you see it. I didn't finish my tacos. Some stupid boy in my seat stuck his elbow in my tacos and ruined them and his shirt. Me and my friend moved to another table. At the very end on the other side of the table was three goofy boys who pushed the table out and since the chairs aren't connected to the table we slid against the stuff next to us, which ruined my tacos even more. 

          Then this boy in my italian class who likes me sits down right next to me and says "Yo, What's my name?" I say "Shavez" Because that's what he insists I call him. Then all these dumb boys are crouding around the table and staring at me and the best thing to do in that situation is offer them a cheese-it so I did and "Shavez" moves over and this really ugly kid I hate comes to sits next to me.  

            He's the one I originally called a "Pop Tart." He tried to sit next to me but "Shavez" comes to my rescue and pulls the seat out from under him so he falls down. I offered him a cheeze-it. Things were getting pretty crazy with cheeze-it's flying everywhere and ugly boys all over the table when the aid comes and chases them all away.  

       Dear Toto, 

    My brother is annoying me and won't stop. What can I do? 



    You can't beat your brother in an argument? You need practice. If you think he's too good to beat, try avoiding him or side with him. If he says you're stupid you can say yes, and proud of it. He will probably say ha ha, you're stupid. You can say yes, I am. He can't feel like he won the argument if you act like it isn't an argument, beleive me, I have a brother too. Of course, now I always win the arguments, but when I was little that was what I did. If you can't stand to actually say you are stupid, just avoid him as much as possible. 


   I am unhappy for no good reason. What can I do to make myself happy? 

     Your biggest fan, Mr. Noodle 

       Mr Noodle, 

  The only thing that is keeping you from being happy is yourself. You need to smile and say "I am happy!!!!" Eating a cream filled cupcake also helps. People ask why I'm always so happy and I tell them I'ts only because I choose to be happy. By the way, How can you not be happy when you call yourself Mr. Noodle? 


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