The Weekly Happy Archives

           All Right. This really weird and funny thing happened. The phone rang and I didn't want to pick it up so I waited to the last possible second and then got it. It was my mom, presumably calling from work. I heard her voice from my dad's office, but assumed it was the message mashine because I picked the phone up so late.  

      The phone conversation went something like this... 

Me- Hi mom. 
Mom- Hi. Whats up? 
Me- the ceiling. 
Mom- are you at dance? 
Me- No, dance was cancelled. 
Mom- Want me to bring you home? 
Me- I'm here. you're calling. 
Mom- No, I'm home and your calling. 

     Then we heard some other voice laughing on the phone and we realized we both picked up at the same time and thought eachother was calling but someone else called and heard us talking and couldn't help laughing too. 

     So the three of us were all laughing and me and mom hung up and walked over and met in the living room where we just stood pointing at eachother and laughing. 

      Clem was out from school that day. I have a brother and let's call his name Bob Smith for fun (I'm not giving away any names here) So Clem gets a phone call and it went something like this... 

Bob-Hi, I'm Bob Smith from ElectricalAssociates 
Clem- Shouldn't you be in school? 
Bob- Huh? 
Clem- Shouldn't you be in school instead of making prank phone calls? 
Bob- I don't go to school, I'm from... 
Clem- Yes you do! You didn't drop out, did you? 

     Then Clem realized that this was a different Bob Smith and that he was trying to sell something, so she hung up. Weird coincidence. Oh well, I'm out of room for today. Have a happy day and a Happy Week!!!!!! 


    Why did the chicken cross the road?  

       -Chicken Challenger 

         Dear C.C, 

    The chicken crossed the road because it made it happy, being careful to look both ways of course. 

        Wishing you all the happiness of the chicken,  

        Dear Toto, 

   My "Carmagetten!" isn't working. How can I fix it? 

      With all my love, 


  Your "Carmagetten!" doesn't work? First make sure it is in the right conditions, in the car with at least one other carmagetten. Try making it louder and with more expression. If that doesn't work then you could try changing it a little. 

    Hoping you a good "Carmagetten!!!!," 


  Homework is making me unhappy because it takes up all my free time after school. I know I can't make it dissapear or anything, but how can I at least make it seem like I don't have so much homework? 

   - E Z Cool 

     Dear EZC, 

  Try doing some of it in the two minutes before class starts, while the teacher is dronong on and on, and at lunch instead of talking to friends. And, I know you hate to hear this, but do what's left right after school, it clears your mind. 




     Hello!!! Happy....


     This week I will discuss two very important people-   The Tic-Tac Kid and him.

     The tic-tac kid is named that because one day in home ech someone had tic-tacs so he said "If i had tic-tacs I wouldn't give them to anyone and i'd eat them in front of everyone so they'ed want them." It was funny. 

       Now some info on him- he likes spontaniously combusting things, and is probably a pyromaniac. His favorite things are fireworks because not only do they explode in firey ka-boom and make a lot of noise, but also look nice. He's smart, in a demented sort of way.

     We went on a big 3 day field trip in the "wilderness," and at lunch, with a "This trip f***** sucks," he ran away into the woods. Then there was a sort of delayed reaction, no one even made an attempt to look for him for a few hours.

    Now- Him. He has a name but he's so evil that we always call him him. One day after school he just came up to me and started singing. I quickly got away.

   A yet weirder thing- also after school, but not the same day, he came up to me and said " Ah, Just the person I wanted to see. Actually no, because your so irrisponsible." and then he retreated into his office.

      Have a nice week!!!!!!!!

  Dear Toto,



  Dear somebody,

    of course sheep, duh. What were you thinking?


     Dear Toto,

      When I smile I look extremely evil instead of happy. How can I stop it? Should I just not smile?

      \  /

     Dear  *makes evil grin*,

      Whatever you do, don't stop smiling!!!! There are a few possibiliteis here though. Have you ever tried looking evil? maybe that will make you look happy. or get a mirror and practice trying to look happy. Good luck!!

     ^ . ^